Megan + David Ian | 2019

They did it!

My favorite people in the universe got married… and to each other! Megan and David Ian’s wedding was everything an elopement should be. Intimate, relaxing, full of laughter and little adventures.

I have to admit… being “the photographers” really has its perks. Among the guests at this wedding were Megan’s immediate family, David Ian’s immediate family, a close friend for each of them, and then us. It’s always an honor to be included in someone’s wedding, even as a vendor, but honor is an understatement when it comes to elopements.


Megan and David Ian were married at the Amelia Island Williams House, an antebellum mansion and historic inn. In addition to the exquisite preservation of its period, the Williams House is owned by an incredible duo, Chris and Maria Page, whose dedication to hospitality and excitement to share the home’s history are a marvel of their own.

I’ve been friends with Megan and David Ian for almost two years, and here’s what I can say, with confidence, that I’ve learned from them…

  • No two people can be perfect, but they can be perfect for each other.

  • Love is a choice. If it weren’t, it wouldn’t be love.

  • Love, at first, is kept alive by excitement… but, later, it’s made up of tiny moments. Megan and David Ian are good at making these tiny moments. And if you haven’t caught them smiling at each other for no reason across a crowded room, you haven’t stuck around long enough.

I love you both. I’m so happy that you chose (and choose, every day) to be in love so that my favorite two people in the universe can have what only they deserve: each other. I’m so glad you can’t see me sobbing while I type this. Cheers to many more years of me accidentally saying “David and Megan Ian!’

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