Megan + David Ian | 2019

It’s no secret that Megan and David Ian are two of my absolute favorite people in the universe. David Ian is a real-life Mister Fix-It with a heart of pure gold. Megan is a real-life princess… if princesses were fearless BAMFs.


Before I get carried away, let’s talk about this ring first. I am obsessed with the lavender sapphire center stone (especially in the image above!) and the intricate rose gold band. I will NEVER miss a chance to stare at this ring.


To say this photo shoot was different would be an understatement. Getting to forego all the awkward bits and skip right to the silliness, heckling, and fiery romance made for such an unbelievable diversity of styles!


Megan and David Ian are tying the knot this Spring, and we absolutely cannot wait to capture their special day and finally refer to these perfect soulmates as “Mr. and Mrs.” We can’t thank you enough for including us.

EngagementOlivia Dean