Sarah + Ben | 2018


I have to admit I giggled when, just a few hours before the ceremony, the bride brushed a bit of mascara across her lashes, dusted her cheeks with blush, spread a drop of color over her lips, and exclaimed “I’m ready!” But nothing better demonstrates what a radiant angel Sarah truly is… well, nothing except for Ben’s reaction as she walked down the aisle.

The intimate discourse of Sarah & Ben’s ceremony resounded across their special day. With each speech spilled out the compassion and acceptance with which these two precious souls live their everyday lives. To say that this day was the perfect end to our 2018 wedding season would be such an understatement: Sarah & Ben’s love was just the rejuvenating force we needed!

The warm but understated tones of this autumn garden wedding are so true to the atmosphere of the day itself—sacred and peaceful. Their intimate covenant with each other superseded all rituals, which is why Sarah & Ben snuck away after the ceremony and read their personal vows to each other.

I supposed I’ve said all of this to say that Sarah & Ben are two people we are privileged to know, and their love story is one we are so blessed to tell. I hope closing our year with this perfect wedding is a good omen of the sincere love stories to come in 2019.

WeddingOlivia Dean