Sean + Kirsten | 2018


What’s more romantic than a crisp autumn vineyard wedding? These two goofy lovebirds. Sean is a dapper gentleman, Kirsten a darling, and they’re in love with each other’s nerdy sides.

darling bride + dapper groom

Kirsten’s morning was as calm and carefree as the flawless bride herself. What filled the room were beaming smiles, bursts of laughter, and then an awestruck silence when Kirsten twirled around, fully dressed, to reveal herself to her bridesmaids.


I can’t brag enough on how wonderful Sean is, so I’ll sum it up in one fact: he was my point of contact for pre-wedding planning, because he shared the burden of preparation. A groom who’s eager to take stress off of his gorgeous bride and is also a pleasure to communicate with? No wonder Kirsten was so carefree on her perfect day!

We’re getting married! You know what this means? We can finally start Far Cry 5!”
— Sean, during the first look

I’ve seen my share of nervous, awestruck, and crying grooms, but I’ve never seen a groom with a more fitting expression than Sean’s as Kirsten walked down the aisle. When she met him at the altar, his face lit up as he exclaimed “Hi honey!” I have never sobbed more and, little did I know, it was only the beginning.

To put it simply, there are no tears like the tears I cried when Sean sat Kirsten down during their reception, called for his guitar, and serenaded her with the most beautiful acoustic rendition of “Something” by The Beatles.

Something in the way she moves
attracts me like no other lover
Something in the way she woos me

I would like for it to be known that no one is ever allowed to do this again. My heart will not be able to take it.

And, if all that hadn’t been enough… Sean & Kirsten had one of their engagement photos printed onto guitar picks to pass out at the reception. I’m not ashamed to say that I took 3 and I show them off all the time.

Sean + Kirsten, happy ever after!

enjoy each other… and far cry 5!

WeddingOlivia Dean