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Hey there! My name is Olivia, but you can call me Livvy or Liv. I grew up in Chattanooga, and my journey with photography started at eight years old, watching the elaborate photo shoots on first season of America’s Next Top Model and daydreaming… not of being in front of the camera, but of being behind it.

My parents bought me a beginner DSLR camera for my 15th birthday, and I started practicing immediately, often using my little sister as a model for impromptu but imaginative photo shoots. At 16, I was asked to photograph a small elopement ceremony, and I quickly realized that people in love were my favorite thing to photograph.

After graduating from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga with a degree in Communications, my marketing internship at a local tech company became my first “big girl” job. I was hired to run the marketing department and soon managed a team of my own interns. I had a huge cubicle, and I felt so successful… but photography was always encroaching on my 8-to-5 schedule. So, I did something wildly irresponsible but something that I’ve never regretted.

I quit my job. I opened Livvy Kristin Photography and relocated to Atlanta to be closer to incredible people who were pursuing their dreams as fervidly as I wanted to pursue mine. One of those people is now my partner, Cliff—photographer, cinematographer, and lighting expert. Together, we expanded my business to offer cinematic wedding films in addition to our timeless wedding galleries, and telling love stories has never been more rewarding.

Cliff and I live near Atlanta with our two cats, Tigerlily and Geordi, and a leopard gecko, Che (all pictured below), and we’re looking forward to meeting you and being part of your special day.


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Hey guys, I snuck on here to talk to you all briefly. I met Liv on a film set in 2016. She was the Behind-the-Scenes photographer, I was the lighting technician, and the rest (as they say) is history.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in film from Full Sail University, where I both learned the core concepts of photography and practiced it as a hobby. I started assisting Liv as a second shooter to spend more time with her, but I quickly realized that telling love stories (especially through images and film) is one of the best jobs you can have.

Liv wants me to write one more paragraph, but I’m out of ideas. See ya on the flip side!